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Welcome to Some Kind of Comedian

Is this thing on? Can you hear me now? Mic check one, two. Check. Check.

I used to recite those words on stage, before the audience arrived. That was when we could do live stand-up comedy. Well, the live audiences aren’t in the clubs and theatres, at least for now. The only people that hear my shtick and rantings now are my therapist, and my family. This creates a problem, since most of the rants are about them! I am essentially paying my therapist to listen to me ‘perform’. It’s almost like a bringer show, but far more expensive. (I am still not a big fan of bringer shows!)

I wanted to be on radio when I as a kid and then I thought I wanted to be an actor. Well, I was on the radio in college and I never got to the set or stage professionally, but I’m not dead yet, I’ve still got time to make that happen. Until then and because I have a face for radio, this whole podcast idea seemed like a cool thing to do.

My friend Terri Walters planted a seed of the idea and well, Some Kind of Comedian was born. I’m no technical genius but Terri is the behind the scenes gal and I am the one holding the mic. The audience has gotten larger, but the expectations are the same…to forget about your troubles for a little while and to have a laugh.

I hope to you get a couple of laughs as I interview people from the comedy world. Tell your friends you found Some Kind of Comedian and bring them along for the ride. (You see, I am still doing a bringer show! F$%^&!!!)

Pop me a message and subscribe too because as a Mom I’d love to know I am not talking to myself…again!

Welcome to Some Kind of Comedian…I’m glad you found us. Let’s find the funny, together!

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