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Time to RE-Charge!

It’s the middle of January, and well, I have recurring visions of the movie “ground hog day.” It’s the same shit different day, for all of us. We all have a shared anniversary. When it first happened, I would report the Corona chronicles and my Corona cravings. BUT, I’ve been stuck at home for so long its no longer funny. I am trying to find new material to joke about, and I am repurposing old stuff in the meantime.

I started watching Stranger Things on Netflix with my 13-year-old son. We are watching 2-3 episodes a night and I am glad that neither one of us has had nightmares or been freaked me out enough to keep us awake at night. Instead, the intermittent night sweats, hot flashes and chills are keeping me awake at night. I have to say, being drenched in sweat isn’t as glamorous as it once was back in my 20s and 30s maybe 40s. Let’s be honest, I never REALLY worked up a sweat during sex unless I was on vacation… and sex was near a beach resort… and I had a bad case of sunburn to boot.

Speaking of stranger things, stranger things are happening in the world around us and those things are DEFINITELY keeping me up at night. It’s a new kind of scary reality show we’re all watching. The stuff on Netflix, at least, are contrived and made up, so I am able to find some solace.

On the subject of sleeping, now I have this mysterious pain in my shoulder. For months now that I can’t sleep on my left side. I think it may be a rotator cuff issue. I’m not sure if it’s a left-over injury from a pole dancing class or aging or what it is. By the way, pole dancing is tough! I give credit to those ladies that make it look so effortless.

And now, because I can’t lay on my left, I lay on my back and the sweat is now pooling in the little reservoir in the center of my neck. I could moisten an entire roll of U.S. stamps in that little reservoir, but now all stamps are self-stick. Do they even sell stamps anymore that you actually have to lick? Licking stamps was gross I am glad we now have access to self-stick stamps.

With all this swirling around, I’ve decided to take two little “trips” these last fewer weeks to recharge my battery and, to connect with old and newer friends. To sit and enjoy each other’s company, to enjoy good food and drink and to LAUGH. I totally recommend it to everyone.

I’ve peed myself at least two times these past 30 days, and not only when I had a sneezing fit, you know, like I did this morning. I am talking about good ole belly laughs that make your face turn 2-3 shades of red, and you are doubled over, and then your face hurts. When was the last time you laughed like that? If you can’t remember, well, you need to find the time to do it, for your mental health, and especially as we enter this next stretch of time.

Live, love and laugh people. It’s truly the best medicine!

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