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  • Terry-Ann Zander

The last one...

Is it just me or does everyone get completely pissed off when someone takes the last one? Of anything?

Imagine you were saving the last donut from the Dunkin' Donuts ½ dozen box. Keep in mind, being a good and thoughtful person, you bought two of each kind to satisfy everyone’s particular tastes, and then someone takes the last one. Your donut, the Old-Fashioned donut, you were saving to enjoy with the large cup of hot cocoa while you relaxed in the comfy lounge chair at the end of a long exhausting Winter's day!

Wouldn’t you be pissed????

Would you be angry if someone swallowed the last drop of milk that you needed to top off the hot cocoa, or swiped the last swig of juice you needed to swallow your meds?

Again, I am trying to figure it out… is it just me?

I am still trying to figure out which is more infuriating: taking the last one or leaving just one as an indication that you thought about finishing, but then you thought better of it, and didn’t want to have to answer to the fact that you actually had the last one.

I am greeted routinely with a shiny package of chips or cookies, or bag of fun-sized candy bars stashed in the pantry, only to find out that it is either empty, or containing only crumbs or remnants. Either way, it is an empty shell of itself, a not-so-distant, fuzzy memory of it's more glorious state of wholeness, where cookies or candies once existed.

Today, an ordinary day like any other, I discovered an empty Doritos bag; a snickers bag with one lone bite-size square candy at the bottom; a spit of milk in the gallon jug. THEN, I actually witnessed the swift removal of the afore-mentioned Old-fashioned donut from the donut box. It happened right in front of me, in slow-motion! I was speechless!!! It’s enough to drive a girl like me insane!!! UGH!!!

I can tell you, as the co-host of Some Kind of Comedian, this is not the last one. This is not the last blog or the last episode of our podcast. We won’t leave our dedicated, delightful and sometimes delusional listeners hanging. Instead, we hope we leave you wanting more of SKoC. We are going to continue to bring you our show, and introduce you to comedians, from all over the world, that you may not have had the opportunity to meet. We will do it as long as we don’t need an interpreter, since we are operating on a shoe-string budget (actually, more like a flip flop budget, since there are no strings.)

If you listen on Apple podcasts, please give us a rating and leave a comment. This helps us with their crazy algorithms (which no one really understands!). We appreciate the feedback. If you follow us on Facebook, leave a comment, we would love to hear from you!

Speaking of LOVE- Have a Happy Valentine’s Day to all of you! Call someone you haven’t spoken to in a while and let them know you are thinking of them. Make a special cocktail for that special someone. OR… remember to leave a donut or candy bar for a loved one.

AND…remember to live, love and LAUGH with Some Kind of Comedian!

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