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My Perfect Mother’s Day

A day to stop and pause to enjoy the fruits of your labor…literally. Women, have the ability to bear fruit. In the beginning the ‘fruit’ was all fresh and new but some of it may have spoiled along the way.

What I enjoy most about Mother’s Day is doing whatever the hell I want. I try to sleep in, but that doesn’t always work since my internal clock wakes me up at my usual time. I make what I want for breakfast since I don’t want to supervise others and get pissed off that they used the wrong bowl, cracked the eggs incorrectly or didn’t load the dishwasher properly. In case you can’t tell by now, I am a bit of a control freak!

While I love to look at flowers and smell flowers I don’t usually like them as gifts. Why? Well for starters they die too quickly. You spend all kinds of money on them and they last only a coupe of days. Now if you want to up your game a little bit more and spring for something in 14K gold or diamonds well, I will gladly accept that. 😊 Not only will they live forever, but they will likely increase in value too…so its an investment! You’ll thank me one day and you will likely inherit it anyway so choose wisely.

Chocolates are always gladly accepted, and they don’t have to be fancy. M&Ms or Reese’s Peanut Butter cups or a Kit Kat are just fine.

Ice cream is an acceptable go to item as well. It needs to be heaping with whip cream and peanuts if you got ‘em, not wet walnuts though yuck! Good ole fashioned dry peanuts and a little Hershey’s syrup. Please, none of that thick gooey fudge. A drizzle of Hershey’s will do me just fine.

I enjoy a heartfelt card signed by you. And don’t forget the date at the top of the upper right-hand corner. It doesn’t have to be the full date, just the year will suffice. I told you I’m a control freak! I may add the date in pencil on the back, in the event you didn’t add it on the inside. Sorry, I can’t help myself.

Basically, everyone is on their own that day to fix their own problems, make their own decisions, meals etc. I’m not here and if you call my name well you can bet I won’t hear you! In fact, I will try my hardest to ignore you.

Then on Monday morning the Mom calling starts all over again and I have another 364 days until I reign supreme again.

Everyone has a Mom, or at least started out with one. In fact, we owe a lot to her, since you wouldn’t be here without her. She’s the woman that pushed you out into this world. The one that carried you around in her womb. You shared music, meals and even your mood for 9 months. You didn’t have a lot to say about it back then…you had no choice! But here you are all these years later. You may have learned a few things, you may have blamed her for a few things and you may have actually given her credit for a few things too. Hopefully you had the chance to tell her or show her while she was still around. No one likes regrets or I wish I had or I should have. They don’t count if the clock runs out.

My Mom passed away in 2019. She was a character. She loved to dance, she loved music and singing and she had a very creative side, she could paint, draw and write poetry. She was very proud that she maintained her natural hair color even into her 80’s. She loudly encouraged me to color my hair every chance she got. I think it made her look bad that I had gray hair.

I hope you take the time to reconnect with your Mom, step Mom, or any woman or female she/her that plays a Mom/mother like role in your life. Thank them for all they do. They will love you for it!

SKOC has hit the pause button, for how long I don’t know, but enough time to come back with an even better show.

Until then remember to live, love and laugh with your Mom while you still can and until we are back with new episodes of Some Kind of Comedian!

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