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Give a Comedian a Hug

We took a shot more than 8 months ago and started a podcast and a blog. I revealed my inner most thoughts and probed and prodded other comedians to share their journey and ideas about comedy, life experiences, struggles and ambitions and, well, whatever else popped into their heads and out of their mouths. It has been a lot of fun and we hope you’ve enjoyed listening! I’ve met some very interesting people who I am happy to call friends. It’s a tight knit, judgement-free zone on our little SKOC podcast and blog.

My producer, and dear friend Terri, has kept me focused and on task…most of the time... and has always demanded perfection with the quality of the broadcast! She is always tinkering with the tech to make sure we sound great… every time! And we do! I couldn’t do it with out Terri. It's her brain child, and she is the technical genius never shying away from new things and the tech that scares the shit out of me. I am learning… which could make me dangerous some day.

So, what’s next for SKOC? We want to keep doing the show because we LOVE it! We want to mix it up a bit though. We want to provide more of the back story; the behind the scenes. Go deeper, and learn more about what makes them tick and gets them excited. To explore the human element. Comedians are people too! They are not super heroes, but they do have a Superpower…. to make people laugh. They make lemonade out of lemons with just the right amount of sugar. We want you to get to know our guests personally, to get to know them as humans. We think you will find their humanness, their perspective and their journeys engaging and interesting as well as entertaining!

In the coming weeks you might hear different stories. We assure you the content will still be funny. If not, well, you can try to get your money back…oh yeah this is SKOC and it’s free! Unless you want to donate in the Tip Jar on our home page or Buy Terri a cup of coffee – that’s on the home page too. I don’t like coffee! 😊 Don’t hold it against me.

Comedians need love too and they’ve also had a rough year like everyone else in the world! So, hug a comedian today and thank them for the gift of laughter.

Oh, and remember to live, love and laugh with Some Kind of Comedian!

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