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A Day in NYC - A Girl Can Dream...

I ventured out of NJ this weekend for a change of scenery. While I didn’t travel to a distant or faraway land, I did get out of Dodge. I hopped in my car on Friday night, and traveled 52 miles to Weehawken NJ with my 13-year-old to cat-sit for a friend. My friend was the one who ventured to a faraway land instead of me.

I should tell you I am not a huge lover of cats, I prefer dogs, given the choice, but I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to get away, and enjoy the stunning views of the NY City skyline from her place, and the chance to be in the city to tour and visit some landmarks with my son.

We enjoyed an authentic Mexican take-out meal from Charritos including chips and salsa, Elotes (boiled and then grilled corn with mayo, queso blanco and powdered chile) and shrimp and pork tacos. My son was foaming at the mouth after eating the Elotes. It was a good foaming at the mouth, though. He wanted more Elotes later that night… AND the next day.

Well, the cats kept me up all night running around and apparently my son was having an allergic reaction to them as they snuggled next to him in bed. Plus I’m a spoiled rural girl, so the street noise of the Transit buses and bustle (read “People using their OUTSIDE Voices”) on the sidewalks kept me up most of the night. Plus, I never sleep well the first night in a new place.

All that said, the next morning, I managed to get us on the right NJ Transit bus which, luckily, stops just outside the building, even in the pouring cold rain. We almost didn’t make it though, because I had to move my car, since new tenants were moving into the building and needed the spots in front of the building to unload. Then, I didn’t have wifi service that I needed to download the bus tickets onto my phone. So, I ran into the building, up and down to my friend’s 3rd floor apartment, only to find out after two trips, up and down, in full face-mask mode, loaded down with a backpack, dripping umbrella and cell phone in hand… that I was actually in the wrong building!! Two identical buildings, and I went into the wrong one…ugh!!!!

By some miracle, I got us into the city. I managed to secure subway tickets, miss only one train (due to track work), and only went in the wrong direction on a train for one stop, after I realized my mistake. I essentially forgot where I was and noticed my mistake immediately, well not immediately, one stop later.

During our travels we walked a total of 9.3 miles, ate 4,000 calories and my son also managed to inhale a hot dog from a street vendor (his one request during the entire trip), and a waffle cone jam-packed with soft ice cream. We visited the NYC Fire Museum Downtown and the American Museum of Natural History and strolled leisurely through Central Park.

We also walked passed two NYC comedy landmarks Caroline’s and The Ed Sullivan Theater on Broadway, where The Late Show with Steven Colbert is now taped. Of course, I had to stop and take a picture because one day who knows, maybe I will get chauffeured to one of these locations for an onstage performance. Hey, a girl can dream!

I spent quality time with my son, and got in some much-needed physical activity. I hate to admit it I’ve been doing a lot of sitting lately. Haven’t we all?

As we approach the one-year anniversary, we hope we will someday forget, but know we never will, our experience with Covid 19 and the lockdown. I encourage you to change your scenery. Pick a family member or friend to venture out with on an adventure, or two. Your eyes and senses will open you up to new possibilities and, hey, spring is just around the corner! Until then, lets meet up on Some Kind of Comedian. 😊

Be safe and be well and remember to live, love and laugh with Some Kind of Comedian.

NYC Visitor's Tip: If you spend a minimum of $75 at the NYC Fire Museum gift shop on Spring Street, they will give you a Free Firemen/Firewomen of NYC calendar or a photo frame. I chose the calendar, I thought my husband’s Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition calendar needed the competition. Little did I know, it was a 2020 calendar!!! Let’s be honest, no one is looking at the dates anyway!

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