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25 Weeks...

So, I’ve done something I haven’t done in 25 weeks. No, I’ve taken a shower, put on a few pounds too, but I haven’t performed live comedy in front of an audience, until this past week. It was so AWESOME to be out of the house! It was the furthest I’ve driven from my home, and the most time I had spent in the car since March 15 when I flew home from FL and landed in Newark Liberty International Airport.

Yes, it’s been a long 25 weeks, 168 days, or 4,032 + hours in my home and local community. We’ve ordered take out weekly to help our small businesses stay afloat. We’ve ordered from sandwich shops, bagel stores, pizza and chicken joints, ice cream shops, to sushi and Italian restaurants. We’ve enjoyed outdoor dining on two occasions including my youngest son’s birthday dinner, and I went to the premiere of a movie at a drive-in theatre in Warwick, NY last night. I found it funny that for our first big social night out, we went to watch the movie “Centigrade,” inspired by actual events, about a couple trapped in a car during a blizzard and ice storm. Fortunately, it didn’t rain, although rain was in the forecast, but I still thought, we too, could have been trapped in our car, with incessant sounds of the slapping of the windshield wipers, as we strained to see the screen depicting a couple trapped in a car. Well, there was no rain, and spoiler alert, the characters weren’t trapped in the car the entire film, either.

Getting back to the comedy show… It was wonderful to breathe the same outdoor air with the folks that ventured out to the poolside comedy show. I have a confession, it was a little bit awkward, but the first time doing something you haven’t done in a while always is (remember riding a horse?)

The audience was craving a night of side-splitting laughter, and the comedians delivered. It was our first time performing in months, and the audiences’ first time out of the house. I think they all had a fantastic time, I know I did, and I am eager for my next fix of the same adrenaline-pumping excitement that comes from doing a LIVE comedy show. I wasn’t perfect, my timing was a little off, but all of us were innocent virgins again. It’s a good thing I brought the mic condoms!!!

Don’t get me wrong, there is something super cool about the traditional comedy club setting, where you dread the occasional heckler, or people talking during your set, or coming late to the room and/or leaving early and, in our case, in the great outdoors, where we were competing with the torrential downpour, lightning show and chirping cicadas. I think most of us would do it in a minute, if we were allowed to and if we felt safe.

So, in the meantime our show, Some Kind of Comedian (SKoC), is focusing on the comedy backstory - we are talking to comedians about their comedy journeys, philosophies and projects. Since we’ve intentionally opted not to stream our SKoC podcast or record video, you can only imagine what we look like! This may change, but some things are better left to the imagination, if you know what I mean. Trust me, we are doing this for your safety. We don’t want you to choke on your laughter, to lose your sense of smell AND your eyesight! LOL!

Our last recorded shows have been a blast and I know this train will continue down the track for as long as you will listen. A special thanks to our guests who have already recorded the show: Janet Regensburg and Randi Simon. Our upcoming guests, also recorded and dropping soon, are Jeffrey Paul, Kevin Dombrowski and Leighann Lord. A great group of people, and very funny!

Please take the time to listen, subscribe, share, and leave feedback. AND…if you get a couple spare seconds, please give us an honest rating on Apple Podcasts, as that helps fledgling shows, such as ours, to gain traction. We want to know what you think…but please be kind, I have thin skin, TONS of it, but it’s thin, nonetheless.

And remember, if you subscribe you will be in the SKoC ‘know’. Ya know?

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